Monday, July 31, 2006

Yid: Racist insult or tribal loyalty?

Outside of N17 there is frequently a debate about the use of the terms yid, yiddo and Yid Army. Many people argue that they are racist, as bad as calling a black person a n*****. Others counter that by arguing that Spurs fans refer to themselves as yids as a term of pride and association because a large part of their support has traditionally come from large Jewish areas of North London.

The reason this debate has reared its head here is due to over zealous internet security. N7teen previously penned a blog under the pseudonym GreenYid, but experience has shown that numerous potential readers had the URL banned by their company's security system. As such, this blog has re-branded as N7teen.

So, there'll be no more mention of "Yid Army" chanting outside the away end before or after matches at White Hart Lane. The political correctness brigade have won a narrow victory (again), but N7teen will bounce back and will go from strength to strength... Come on you Spurs!

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