Monday, August 28, 2006

Everton review: Crisis looming?

Before this weekend I was feeling a little annoyed about the forthcoming Everton fixture. This is a game we always seem to win and there I was having to miss it. Unfortunately there are some strange people in our country who decide to get married during the football season - very weird I know. And Saturday was one of those days for me. In hindsight I think I was fortunate to miss out on the second consecutive disastrous Saturday afternoon for Spurs.

So while I was at a wedding, our boys were losing the plot to ten men Everton. I have deliberately not watched the highlights (or should that be lowlights), but from what I've seen in the papers and online we failed to string any decent passes together and severely lacked a playmaker in the middle of the park. Compound that with the news that Robbo has spoken out against the sale of Carrick, and the fact that Boro have joined Wigan in the "we don't like the way Spurs conduct their business" brigade, and all is not right at White Hart Lane.

A lot of Spurs fans seem to have it in for Martin Jol which annoys me beyond belief. MJ is a legend and has done more for Spurs than anyone has in the last fifteen years. I know our start to the season has been atrocious (and our next match is away at Old Trafford, so it is only likely to get worse), but let's keep calm, rally round and remember that the season has another eight and half months to run.

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