Tuesday, August 08, 2006

'Hit Man' or 'Pie Boy'?

Well it hasn't taken long for rumours of strengthening our strikeforce to occur. According to some reports, Mido underwent a medical at Spurs Lodge yesterday as he is about to complete a permanent move from Roma for £3 million, following his previous 18 month loan spell with us.

If it's true, and I don't wish to debate the merits of these rumours right now, then is that good news or not for us?

On the one hand, Mido was our second top scorer last season (11 goals) and joint highest top provider (six assists, same as Carrick). At his best, he was strong, a good ball-winner, and a real danger to defences - especially in the air. However, at his worst he was overweight and lethargic. And for the number of games he played he didn't score enough in my opinion. Any regular-playing striker who scores less than 15 goals a season should be disappointed with their performance.

That said, I do think Mido would provide good cover for Berbatov. Without bringing Mido in we have no more strength in the squad for the forward line than last season. So at this point in time, if Berbatov was injured or suspended it would be a choice of two little guys (Keane and Defoe), or the 'little and large' combination (which would require starting with the young Lee Barnard). So if we can secure Mido for £3 million, then I think it would be a sensible piece of business for Spurs.

However, would it be a sensible move for Mido? Well last season there was no Berbatov and hence very little competition for a starting berth (due to Jol's preference for the big guy to play alongside a little guy). This season all that has changed with the acquisition of a very sharp looking Berbatov. But Mido rejected Blackburn earlier this summer and always made it clear he'd be keen to stay at Spurs, so maybe the atmosphere at the club last season was enough to make it feel like home for the young wandering Egyptian.

Whatever happens, I'm sure the rumours will continue for a few more days at least!

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