Tuesday, August 15, 2006

In, out, shake it all about!

Great news for JD because, as expected, Steve McClaren has named him in the starting eleven for England's friendly against Greece tomorrow evening. He had expected to partner Dean Ashton, but following the West Ham player's broken ankle it looks like he'll be playing alongside Crouch.

What is less encouraging for Spurs fans is the news of right midfield. Rather than our very own wing wizard getting a rare start following the omission of Beckham, it seems that the new vice captain will play there instead. Now I'm sure Stevie G will do a great job, but I had hoped Lennon could make it his own. Especially after the surprising news that Beckham (the only other right midfielder to go to the World Cup) had been dropped.

However, McClaren feels that Gerrard will do well at right midfield having spent a lot of last season playing there for Liverpool. Lennon's chance will come and when it does I think he will step up to the mark. Getting more international experience under his belt can only help his overall game, which will benefit all Spurs fans. But like Defoe last season, the young Lennon needs to play the waiting game.

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