Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Club versus country

As well as prominent Premiership football managers getting roped into the regular club versus country debate, I thought I'd share my views on it too. At times like this (i.e. a designated "international week") it is also a discussion that football fans up and down the country have.

My view is that people fit into one of two camps. A football fan's primary allegiance is dependent on what club team they follow and how supportive they really are:

  • Type A: Any type of supporter of a crap team or a "fair weather" supporter of a decent team.

  • Type B: A hard core supporter (e.g. a season ticket holder) of a decent team.
In my humble opinion Type A's always favour their country over their club - this is by far and away the largest group of the population. Type B's on the other hand, like myself, are a rarer breed. They are the ones who are often labelled "unpatriotic" - well at least that's what my friends sometimes call me. However, just let me clarify the situation.

I obviously always want England to win. I am proud to be English and think that we have a mighty fine country with a lot going for it - both in football and in the wider world. However, let me make one thing very clear, if I had a choice between Spurs winning the Champions League or England winning the World Cup, the first option would win ten times out of ten. If it was a choice between Spurs winning the Mickey Mouse League Cup or England beating Germany 5-1 in a competitive match, then again the first option would win. I guess the real debate is around the League Cup versus the World Cup!

And as for professional footballers - I wonder where their loyalties lie?

Am I unpatriotic or just a typical season ticket holder? Comments welcome as always...

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