Monday, September 25, 2006

A disastrous fortnight

I had hoped that going away on holiday might change the fortunes of our beloved Spurs, but alas, the problems seem to be worsening. I go away for two weeks, miss three league games, and all we have to show for it is a solitary point and no goals scored. After the dizzy heights of last season I think it is fair to label our start disastrous.

We created chances away at Old Trafford but failed to convert any of them; so not surprisingly we lost, fortunately only by a single goal. Once again we had opportunities to score at home against Fulham but failed to do so; fortunately it was only Fulham so we held on for a point. And then there was our trip to Anfield. A great first half chance for Ledley was narrowly missed, but then we had to witness one of the worst ever misses. Yes Jenas might have run all the way from our penalty area but he's a professional footballer and my mum would have tucked that chance away. Jenas should be fined a week's wages and made to publicly apologise to the Spurs fans that spent a lot of money going to the game. We were then, justifiably I might add, given a good lesson by the real footballers and hammered by a three goal margin.

OK I also missed the UEFA Cup win in Prague (well I didn't actually miss it completely as I managed to find a bar showing the match whilst abroad), but why spoil my rant with anything positive. I'll save that for tomorrow!

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