Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The wonders of the Lane

In a day of very little news I thought I'd pass a couple of brief comments about last night's international that was staged at White Hart Lane. And no, I don't care that Wales have now "proved" they're better than Argentina!

Firstly, it is particularly pleasing that WHL was selected to host an international game. This is the second time that I can remember it happening (the other was the England vs. Holland game when Judas faked an injury to avoid returning to WHL), and is well deserved as I am proud of our home. Tottenham might not be a very pleasant area (OK maybe that's putting it politely - many people think it's a sh*thole), but we have a great stadium that produces a superb atmosphere. And even non Tottenham fans say that, which brings me on to my other point.

A friend of mine, who incidentally is a Man USA fan, visited WHL for the first time last night and really enjoyed the evening. I wasn't at the game but he sent me a mobile video he shot of the view from his seat. Maybe I should have gone along, as I was bored enough to guess the block, row and seat number of where he was sitting (based purely on the video)! Very sad I know, but I'm pleased to admit that I was incredibly close with my guess - a proud moment indeed...

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