Monday, November 19, 2007

Hold the front page: N7teen is back!

Yes after over twelve months of sporadic blogging I'm back. Exclusively here at Although I have written numerous articles on the Vital site and will continue to do so (copied here too obviously), its readership has grown to such a degree that I am finding it a tough commitment to keep up with. There are now so many regular readers that to do the role justice, one needs to spend enough time keeping up-to-date with the forums and message boards.

I don't have that time and would rather not put too much pressure on myself to thoroughly research my articles as well as ensuring that they are balanced and fair! This is a blog and I intend to wax lyrical about anything and everything to do with Spurs... and anything else for that matter.

I'm making no promises about how frequently I'll post, but I'll be back soon with something topical, interesting and intelligent. Well, I'll be back with something...

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