Friday, December 14, 2007

Another football authority, another joke

UEFA is more ridiculous than our very own FA. Despite Anderlecht already being fined for crowd disturbances during a Champions League qualifier earlier in the season against Fenerbahce, UEFA announced that they will be fined just £13,000 for the crowd trouble during our match in Brussels.

Despite Zokora being hit with a cigarette lighter and Robbo retrieving an 18" metal bar, Anderlecht got off lightly. Poor old Feyenoord is all I can say. Some crowd trouble in one of their UEFA Cup games got them disqualified from the competition last season (and gave us a bye).

If UEFA want to stamp out trouble they need to make an example of teams. In my opinion Anderlecht should have at least been thrown out of this season's UEFA Cup and possibly even have a ban for next season from all European competitions.

But since UEFA includes the letters "FA" it's hardly surprising is it?!?!

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