Thursday, December 20, 2007

It's time to p*** off for good Judas

Surprise, surprise, it didn't take long following our victory at Portsmouth for Judas to start complaining. He has apparently said that verbal abuse towards footballers and managers has spiralled out of control and it is time for the authorities to start taking action. Yeah right. Verbal abuse is part and parcel of today's passion-fuelled game. If he doesn't like it why doesn't he retire and go and live the quiet life with his 'partner' away from the game?

Apparently, he even had to phone the BBC himself to complain. Rather amusingly he said, "I am an international player who has given his whole career to club and country. I think I deserve more than this." No you've completely missed the point you ****. (And following the appointment of Fabio I think it is safe to call Judas a former international!)

What matters to me more than football, is how one carries oneself as an individual... the morals and ethics that people live by... knowing the difference between right and wrong. The fact that Judas betrayed half of North London in 2001 with such atrocious behaviour seems to have been forgotten. If someone decides to behave like scum, they will be treated like it. If he can't cope with what is dished out to him then it's time he gave up football. He's only getting what he deserves. It's hardly my problem if he can't look himself in the mirror with a clean conscience is it?

What also annoys me is that the FA remain out of touch and apparently want to sit down and discuss Judas' concerns. Perhaps Spurs fans need to call a meeting with the FA to discuss the fact that Judas is such a poor role model he is setting completely the wrong example to football fans. They should be more concerned about that than trying to interfere with good banter and passionate crowds.

Other players put up with plenty of abuse and use it to become better people and more determined footballers. Take David Beckham after the 1998 World Cup. Who would have thought he would one day become England captain and a great ambassador for football and for the country? How does Judas react - he moans. And moans. And moans.

Judas claims that Spurs fans should have moved on by now. I don't think so. Let's just remind ourselves how he treated us. He spent months telling us how much he loved Tottenham but refused to sign a new contract. Eventually it transpired that although he loved the club so much he needed to leave to further his personal objectives. Reluctantly we had to accept the situation and would no doubt of wished him luck as he left England and headed off to somewhere like Barcelona, Real Madrid or Bayern Munich. But what happens? He heads a couple of miles down Seven Sisters Road to join the scum and break the hearts of hundreds of thousands of fans who idolised him. And now he still wonders why we are upset with the way he treated us.

The sooner he retires the better it will be for football and football fans everywhere. P*** off Judas the Beautiful Game doesn't want you.

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