Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Surprise, surprise, the FA fail football again

Despite the match-changing impact of Phil Dowd's ridiculous decision on Sunday, the FA have rejected Spurs' appeal to have Robbie Keane's red card rescinded. Although people often claim that dodgy refereeing decisions even themselves out over a whole season, I'm beginning to think that this season that is looking unlikely for us. In the last fortnight Mike Riley has cost us two points and Phil Dowd three. Are we really going to get enough luck and good fortune to pick up five points from more refereeing errors (that next time need to be in our favour)? Unlikely.

Since we're not a Big Four side, the FA are never likely to take our side. Rob Styles committed a howler in the Liverpool-Chelsea match back in August and was rightly 'demoted' for a weekend. As for Riley and Dowd they just get a pat on the back and are basically told they've done a good job and should ignore all the criticism.

But it's not just Riley and Dowd that have got up my nose recently. There is some illogical FA rule which is what has really hurt us in the Robbie case. Apparently the FA do not give themselves the power to retrospectively reduce a red card to a yellow, which would probably have been the most realistic outcome of the Keane appeal. Oh no, the FA's rules state that the FA has to either agree that a red was correct, or reduce it and say no card was warranted. Is this some stupid rule so that one part of the FA can hide behind another part?

The FA is an absolute joke. What do they do well? They're just a bunch of dinosaurs so far removed from real football and solely interested in themselves and the short term.

Once again this week I am angry whilst writing this blog. Unless Spurs bounce back and start winning again, and I see some referees reprimanded for their continuing blunders, and hear of resignations at the FA, I've a good mind to give up on football and take up cricket!

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