Thursday, January 10, 2008

The hoodoo continues :-(

After my first time in the Emirates away end I left not knowing whether to be pleased or gutted. Both I guess. Last night's first leg of the Carling Cup semi final was a terrific match and before the game I'd have taken a draw. As it was though we controlled the game, played so well, missed a number of chances, and basically should have won - so a 1-1 scoreline is a little disappointing.

Forget though for a minute the simple aim of winning a match. From another perspective, the fact that last night was part of a two match tie, it was also disappointing to be held to a draw - had we won we'd definitely be the favourites to reach Wembley, as it is, the tie is still finely balanced. But I think the real reason I left disappointed is because the hoodoo has continued.

We haven't beaten ARSEnal since 1999 and our last two matches show how close and how unfortunate we can sometimes be. Before Christmas we found ourselves at 1-1 and then won a penalty deep into the second half... but no, we ended up losing. And then last night, we were certainly the better side, but conceded a goal in the most unlucky manner (see below) which means we haven't beaten them in 21 attempts.

Still, I seem to remember in 2002 when we went into the second leg of the League Cup semi final against Chelski, and hadn't beaten them for years. But it was probably the best night I've ever had as a Spurs fan... we thrashed them 5-1 and they had Hasselbaink sent off in a case of mistaken identity (how amusing). Perhaps then the omens are good for this season's second leg?

As a Spurs supporter the atmosphere last night was terrific. I think we sung every Spurs song I'd ever heard of plus a few I wasn't familiar with. I think the cleanest anti-Gooner song I can reproduce here was to the tune of a Vengaboys classic (with the lyrics following a common theme):

The Wenger bus is coming,
And all the kids are running,
It only costs a fiver,
Cos Wenger is the driver.
Anyway, we can't spend too long analysing last night's game as we're off to the Bridge on Saturday. I think the biggest two questions I have are: (1) can we play as well and create as many chances against Chelski as we did last night, and (2) who is Ramos going to pick in goal?

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