Monday, April 28, 2008

Another bore draw, but with a twist

Despite my rallying call on Friday, Spurs were unable to overcome an obstinate Bolton side on Saturday afternoon. Other than conceding first and having to come from behind, it was a very similar match to the previous home against Middlesbrough. Well it was from what I remember, as neither game was what you’d call riveting. After a couple of pre-match beverages and then sitting in the full sun, I was (un)fortunate to make it to half-time without falling asleep! Perhaps I am being a little unfair as we did create a lot more chances than we did in our previous outing, but alas, we struggled to break down a resolute defence.

The game itself isn’t really worth dwelling on, so instead I’d like to draw your attention to four things that surprised me on Saturday…

Firstly, soon after waking up I heard that we’d splashed the cash and a certain Luka Modric will be joining us this summer for a big money move. I don’t know a huge amount about the guy, but to be able to attract such a young, highly sought after player indicates good things for the Ramos revolution (even if the wheels have come off on the pitch in recent weeks). I gather Modric is a natural centre midfielder, but has tended to play on the left-hand-side for Dinamo Zagreb. With the likes of Malbranque and Bale (and various rumoured transfer targets) on the left, I assume he is someone who’ll potentially replace Jenas. And after JJ’s recent form that would be no bad thing.

I’m not sure what Modric will have thought sitting in the directors’ box, but personally I have never seen anything quite like the start of the second half. Hutton came out as expected and lined up ready for the second 45 minutes, only to then be substituted before kick-off for Huddlestone. Does anyone know what went on as I was well and truly surprised? Surely if Ramos was making a change, he’d have wanted to talk to the players about it during the half time break? Bizarre.

As for Modric’s opinion of Jenas, who he may find himself in competition with for a place next season, I don’t think he’d have been too worried about the Englishman’s set piece ability. In fact, has anyone on a regular basis taken worse free-kicks and corners than Jenas? Other than a certain free-kick at Old Trafford a few years back, has he even got one on target? Has he ever taken a half-decent corner? Why do the rest of the players and the coaching staff let him continue taking them? Also bizarre.

And my final observation from Saturday is what on earth has Kevin Nolan been eating for the past few months? His team-mates? He needs to go on the Ramos Diet as he looked like he was carrying more than a few excess pounds. So much for being England material.

Anyway, that’s it from me for now...

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Anonymous said...

on the highlights I believe they showed Hutton sort of hobbling/limping.....not sure if he's been hangin around with Chimbonda or if he was just injured.