Friday, April 25, 2008

We must beat Bolton tomorrow!

After Bolton had lost five games on the spin, and shortly after that capitulated in the second half against Ar5ena1, I thought they were down and out. But after wins against the Spammers and Middlesbrough their pecker is up and Premier League survival still very feasible.

With Tottenham it’s the other way around. Whilst Bolton were part-way through their losing streak, we were lifting the Carling Cup aloft without a care in the world. But since then though we have only managed to accumulate ten points from a possible 27 – not a good return for a side ‘on the up’. And in the last four games, none of which we failed to win, we scored first each time. Apparently we are now the most wasteful club in Premier League history.

There seems to be a large number of Spurs fans, many who leave comments on this blog as well on other Spurs websites, who aren’t particularly bothered by our end of season demise. After all, we’ve qualified for Europe, the boss is planning a large turnover of players in the summer, and quite frankly, there’s not much left to play for this season.

On the other hand, I would argue that most Spurs fans fit into a different category. We’re p*ssed off that after a great cup success we can’t follow up the good work and finish the season in (an unlikely) ninth or tenth place. We’re having to pay the same amount to go and watch our club, so why can’t we expect the same level of commitment from the players and the manager? One of my friends has ripped up his season ticket book and is refusing to return to WHL until next season. Now that might be a bit harsh, but to be fair to him, the last two months have been a shambles.

Following our early season slump, I would be relatively happy with a top half finish this season. We might find ourselves five points behind the Spammers, but I still think that target is achievable. They have tough games against Newcastle, ManUre and an in-form Villa (and Newcastle, who are below us on goal difference, have Chelski and Everton to play too). Therefore if we win our remaining three games I think that would be enough to make the top ten. Then and only then can the manager and the players switch off and enjoy their summer holidays.

A few months back I’d have argued that beating Bolton at home shouldn’t be too problematic, but who knows what might happen tomorrow. I feel we’re due a win though, and with Woody, Chimbonda and Robbo training again we should be able to field a strong side. So when we go a goal up (you see, I’m still confident!) let’s make sure we get a second and kill the game off. Just think back to our March victory against the Spammers, at 2-0 up at half time we could spend the second half trying to add to our lead rather than hanging on for dear life which has been the pattern from this month’s games.

If things don’t go to plan and we struggle again tomorrow, then Ramos is going to start receiving a lot more criticism. If he’s the top manager that everyone, himself included, thinks he is, he should be able to motivate a side of top professionals to beat a struggling team like Bolton. I really feel we, fans and players alike, need to be going into tomorrow all believing it’s a must-win game for Spurs.


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JimmyG2 said...

Absolutely agree with you on every point.Its not good enough and there are no excuses.We cannot aspire to Champions League with this attitude and under our new supposedly tough manager.Anything less than 2-0 tommorrow is unnacceptable,and I dont care how much they need the points.If they were a good team they woulnt be in this position.