Friday, April 18, 2008

Why is a transfer price needed for a contract renewal?

I need to ask for your help. Not only has the press been full of rumours intensifying the speculation that Berbatov will indeed be leaving the club this summer, but the logic used just doesn’t make sense to me. It has been widely reported that Berba’s agent, Emil Dantchev, has said:

“We have twice given up talks about Berbatov’s new contract and this is due to the fact that Tottenham are unwilling to fix Berbatov's transfer price.”
Now I’m not thick, but why does Berba’s transfer price affect a contract renewal? I would have thought that the salient points of a contract extension relate to salary, bonuses, signing-on fee, loyalty fee, length of contract, options, etc. Maybe when it comes to rising stars at smaller clubs without the financial muscle of a Spurs, a minimum release fee or relegation release fee may be included, but not at this level.

Now either I have spent too much time playing Championship Manager and don’t know what really goes on, or Emil Dantchev is an evil shyster on a par with Sky Andrew.

Personally I am resigned to the fact that Berba, who I think is our best player since Gazza, will be off this summer. I thought he would have left last year and was delighted that he signed a new contract, but any fan who thought he’d stick around if we weren’t playing in the 2008-09 Champions League was, in my humble opinion, deluded. Please don’t give me abuse for being negative or disloyal, but we all live in the real world and need to face facts.

As his greedy agent keeps telling us, Berba is 27 and wants to win trophies. Unfortunately the Carling Cup won’t cut it and he needs Champions League football. I think he would thrive in such an environment and when the day comes for him to depart I’ll wish him well.

As long as Spurs get a hefty transfer fee (north of £25 million) and he doesn’t remain in London then I don’t think we can complain too much. I’d prefer he left these shores altogether, so I can see him heading to Milan or Barcelona. I guess the latter would be my choice, because Barca’s 2006 Champions League win made them my favourite overseas team since Galatasary in 2000!


Anonymous said...

The reason for the demand by the "agent" for an agreed transfer price written into the contract is becuase it's effectively a release clause. The agent will be free to tout his player to other clubs before his contract has expired as the price is fixed - all that he has to negotiate with prospective new clubds are salary, adds on and of course, his fat percentage. As opposed to the current situation where it is pointless trying to negotiate a move for his player as the clubs involved don't know how much they will have to pay in transfer fees and therefore makes any negotiating pointless. It also means that they could be outbid as it will be the selling club who decides who the player will move to (initially).

Anonymous said...

My Choice will be Barca also and hopefuly doing a deal involving Henry,such as us receiving £20 mil cash plus Henry or similar.

As long as Chelsea or Manyoo dont get him and Ferguson after all the crapp stirring campagne gets zilch and left with his glowing purple nose in anger and dissappointment facing the cameras ,i dont mind Berba leaving IF HE MUST for either Ac Milan or Real Madrid or Barcelona,Bayern Munich or even Fenerbahce.

Agents aint doing anything wrong to be honest,i am sure if i was an agent i would have done anything possible to grabb a few more millions specialy if i have a client who is the best around and at the best possible age for a top class striker to fetch a very high level of fee.

Anonymous said...

I cant see the reason for us negotiating a new contract in that case. If they want a release clause in the contract then whats the point in us signing him up long term anyway? We already have him on a long term contract without a release clause so whats the difference? If he wants to leave though, let him. Sell him to Real Madrid and get Granero as part of the deal.

For the person who suggests getting part exchange for Henry, are you crazy? Not a snowball chance in hell. a) he'd never sign for us (he has the exact same champs league ambition as Berbatov anyway.) b) the fans hate him c) he's at the wrong end of his career. etc etc.

The best replacement for Berbatov is to sign someone like Fabiano. That way we will then have a proper out and out striker, with Keane playing off him. We can then whip crosses in and have a striker that attacks them. This style of play will suit Ramos with his attacks out wide and the fast play that catches the opponents off balance.

Anonymous said...

"My Choice will be Barca also and hopefuly doing a deal involving Henry,such as us receiving £20 mil cash plus Henry or similar"

Are you nuts????! Seriously do you think that comment holds any weight?? Henry is THE biggest Spurs hater out there .. we have a better chance of coaxing Pele out of retirement to replace Berba.

My only fear with Berbatovs departure is that the fire under Robbies arse will be extinguished

Anonymous said...

As said above, it is a glorified way of getting out of contract - immediately. In other words - he has two years to run on his contract. The management at Spurs could decide to be obstinate, and, even though it really wouldn't benefit anyone - the club because he would probably sulk, play poorly, run down his contract, and eventually leave for nought, losing that massive transfer fee; the player, because he would waste away his prime playing days and get a bad rep! If, however, he signs a new contract tomorrow, with a buy out clause set, he could then leave as soon as it is matched, like, the enxt day.
That is my understanding of it, anyway, his agent is trying to engineer his move for this summer on his terms, rather than ours.
As far as Berbs is concerned, if he doesn't want to stay he should just say so, and we can rebuild with that huge maerk-up in price, after two good seasons of progress with him (I, too, thought he would go last summer), rather than playing to the crown and letting all of these statement eminate form his agent. If, on the other hand, these statements are emanating from his agent against his will - he should sack the guy and stay with Spurs (or not).

Anonymous said...

Because Berbatov is a money-grabbing bastard, as id that scumbag Emil Danchev. Get Adriano back from Corinthians, he'd be snip at under ten mill.

Anonymous said...

Did someone just say they want Henry??? I would never have that arrogant, cheating, hypocrite in a Spurs shirt. What are you thinking? Next you'll be wanting Sol back!

theshelfer said...

All large contracts will include some form of transfer fee element which acts as a release clause. Both the club and the player want it as it lets them know where they stand. When Craig Bellamy went to Blackburn, he would only sign on the basis that he had a release clause of GBP6m.
In Berbs case, he will only sign a new contract at Spurs if it is clear how much he can leave for. If Spurs say he can leave for GBP 100m, then he will want a huge salary to reflect that he is effectively tying himself to the club for a long time. Alternatively, if Berbs demands a release clause of GBP 5m, then Spurs are not going to make a huge financial commitment to him as they know he will walk at anytime.

As Berbs is not going to sign a new contract and we all know he is leaving, the above is pretty much irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

Sol back at Spurs? i would take him!!

JimmyG2 said...

I too am surprised that Berbatov didnt leave in the summer.Now that we have failed to live up to the hype of pre-season Im pretty sure he will leave in the summer.As with Carrick you cannot keep a player that doesnt want to play for us so get 25million and lets go foreward.I think he is the best player weve had for years and would love to see him stay.

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