Thursday, May 08, 2008

Pigs might fly

In the last 24 hours there are stories all over the web suggesting that Thaksin Shinawatra is lining up a £32 million bid for Berba. Well, the idiotic Thai who doesn't know when he's onto a good thing or not can spend as much time as he likes lining up a bid.

There is no way in a million years that Berba will want to go Eastlands. OK his mate Petrov is there, and no doubt he'll be offered bucket loads of cash, but Berba wants Champions League football. End of. He doesn't want to join a side that have the potential to get into the Champions League, otherwise he'd stay at WHL.

The only European football he'd get next season if he was to move to Man City might be the Intertoto Cup (and I'm not even sure if City have entered it or not). If he stays with us he'd be in the UEFA Cup, but that isn't enough either. And fair enough. Berba is world class and needs to be performing on a world stage. We can't offer him that at the moment so it's understandable, although painful to accept, that he needs to move on to a Champions League club.

I've said before that I will wish him well as he's given me great entertainment for the last couple of years. The only things I'm hoping for are that (1) we get at least £25 million for him, and (2) he goes abroad. I gather that a £22 million move to ManUre is now also back on the cards, which wouldn't be good, but I also get the feeling that there will be an awful lot of column inches written on the subject before he signs anywhere.

The one place he won't sign though is Man City. No disrespect meant to City, but it would be a backwards step. So if there are any City fans reading this, please calm down. If you genuinely think he'd sign for you, you probably need locking up, as Berba would if he was to be so stupid.

I don't even know why I'm wasting time commenting on a story that is so ridiculous. I'm angry that people could even think that it's a possibility. Shinawatra is proving himself to be a very silly man. Yes he might have stopped the rot in one half of Manchester by investing in what was a pretty crap City side, but I don't think he's good for football and the less I hear about him the better.


Anonymous said...

that would show if he's a money grabbing c**t or does want champions league right now! n feck off with your "deserves" rubbish tottenham "deserves" much more respect from him for giving him the chance in the first place otherwise he wouldn't be on anyones radar and he'd still be being a lazy,stroppy twat in germany!He has used our great club
bye bye dimiwhodyanickabollockov

Anonymous said...

As their sponsors are Thomas Cook, perhaps this might be their best route into Europe!

JimmyG2 said...

Good sense here.I still stay he will go to Milan,if he goes and I hope he doesnt.He owes us nothing,hes given us a glimpse of the quality that fits the "Spurs way"and I wish him well.Its us that let Berbatov down by our pathetic start and our apathetic ending to the season.His goal tally and more important his assist tally shows what a team player he is.

Anonymous said...

I think technically he is first class, but I cannot accept his attitude. Kuyt at Liverpool is not in the same street but he gives his all EVERY game. We need players who will play when the going gets tough. It is easy to play when it's going well.

Anonymous said...

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Ali the Yid said...

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