Friday, May 02, 2008

Ramos rallies the troops ahead of a tough trip to the Madejski

At last I hear Senor Ramos is talking a little more purposefully and isn’t harping on about the lack of motivation and how difficult it is for the Spurs players to raise their games post our Wembley triumph.

According to the Daily Mail, Ramos has demanded a “killer instinct” against Reading tomorrow. With Keane and Berba both intent on improving upon last season’s scoring tallies as well as trying to beat each other to become the club’s top scorer this season, Ramos has added a little extra spice.

The fact we've created all these chances is the main thing, it's not so good that we are not taking them. The area of finishing games off is an area we have to look at, maybe we just haven't got that killer instinct in front of goal, possibly we just need to be more careful when we are taking our chances. The thing we are doing right is creating opportunities but maybe we just need that quality or finesse in front of goal.
To be honest I don’t completely agree with Ramos. I think our main problems are in midfield. We’ve tightened things up at the back, although admittedly there is still room for improvement, and we have an immense attacking threat in Keane and Berba (remember only three sides have scored more Premier League goals than us this season). But in the middle we are inconsistent. Other than Malbranque who works incredibly hard and is so often one of, if not the, strongest performer in the side, the rest have been patchy. There are still question marks over Zokora, Jenas hasn’t had a good game for months, and Lennon has failed to learn how to cross a ball despite being a regular for the majority of the last three seasons.

Anyway, if Ramos wants to motivate the front two then so be it. Let’s hope we see a little hunger and determination tomorrow.

And boy will we need it. Reading’s home form last season was superb, and despite battling relegation, there is only one side (Sunderland) in the bottom half of the table who have more home wins than Reading this season. They are still very much in a relegation battle so will be more than up for it tomorrow. Sure they might have not have won in their last five games, but with an away trip to come against Derby they need to take some points from us tomorrow. Derby might sound an easy prospect on paper, but since it’ll be their last Premier League match for at least a year, I expect they’ll want to sign off with their heads held high and won’t be making it easy for Reading.

Despite five teams being separated by just six points, I think it will be either Reading or Birmingham who will join Fulham and Derby in the Championship next season. They may have had some off the field problems this week, but I think Reading will be treating it like a cup final tomorrow. It is not just the Derby fans who may not get to watch a Premier League match for a while. This is the Royals' last home game of the season and they will be determined to make it count.

Therefore we’re going to have our work cut out. I don’t imagine it will be an attractive match and I don’t think Berba will be bagging four goals as he did in the home game against them this season. But despite not being very confident, I’m always hopeful! The Tottenham players need to win back some plaudits after a dodgy couple of months and it sounds like Ramos is finally getting a little tougher and expects some clinical finishing tomorrow afternoon.



Yid69 said...

I don't expect anything better than we've seen for the last few weeks. Ramos might try to talk up the hunger for a win, but lets face it, it just isn't there. Ramos has more motivation to sort out who he should send packing than go all out for a win.

Reading need the points more than we do. I think Spurs will lucky to grind out another draw.

JimmyG2 said...

Ive said that we should win this easily for the last five matches and you know how that forecast panned out.the fact that these teams have something to play for and we dont shouldnt make any differencde:we have pretensions to be a top team and faced with on paper an easy run in should have doubled our points score .Oh well 1-1 it is then.