Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Who really is joining/leaving Spurs?

Last week I estimated that Tottenham are linked to somewhere between 200 and 400 players a year. Since the domestic game is currently enjoying its summer break, and there was no Euro 2008 match last night to entertain us, the press attention on comings and goings at WHL has intensified once again.

Now I don’t tend to comment a great deal on transfer rumours, just because I don’t think I can do them justice by keeping on top of every rumour. I’m not one of these ITKs that populate other websites, but it does mean that I don’t end up writing stories that turn out to be absolute twaddle.

Anyway, in a break from the norm to occupy a quiet day, I thought I’d look at the main Spurs rumours from the past 24 hours.

In terms of potential new signings, there are six main players that are being linked:

  • Heurelho Gomes – the PSV keeper has been linked to us for months. Personally I’m not yet convinced, as there seems to be a touch of the Bruce Grobbelaar or Calamity James about him. I think he's an instinctive, commanding keeper, but one who could have a moment of madness at any point… so is he too great a risk? We have allegedly had a €9 million bid turned down, with the Dutch side supposedly wanting to hold out for €12 million. Since this story has been doing the rounds for a long time, I have to say I think it’s looking pretty likely.

  • Emiliano Viviano – the 22 year old keeper from Brescia, in Italy’s second tier, is also being linked to Spurs – is this instead of Gomes or as well as? I must confess that I don’t know much about him other than he’s massive and considered one of Italy’s up and coming stars. I don’t think he has enough experience to be our new first choice stopper but at £9.6 million (which Spurs have allegedly already bid) I think he’s too expensive to warm the bench.

  • David Bentley – the new David Beckham (is that a good thing or not?) is continually linked to us. Yes we know his mates are all Spurs fans and he grew up in a Spurs stronghold. But do we actually want him? I think he’s one the most over-rated players in English football at present. If we could snap him up for under £10 million then I’d definitely take him, but at £15 million plus I don’t believe he represents good value for money. Villa have reportedly had a £15 million bid rejected, so I wouldn’t be at all surprised if we sign him for £16-18 million in the next week. And if we do, I’m sure most Spurs fans will be very excited… but it will take me a little longer to jump on the bandwagon.

  • Diego Capel – the young left-winger from Sevilla has been linked to Spurs since the day Ramos was appointed. The fact that those rumours haven’t subsided suggests to me that there is a good chance this could come off. He may have played less than 40 matches in his professional career, but his rapid pace and widely growing reputation could make him an interesting signing. At the widely reported £8 million price-tag, I reckon it would be worth the gamble, especially as Ramos obviously knows him well from his time in Andalusia.

  • Lukas Podolski – the Polish-born, German striker has had a good Euro 2008 but is likely to have a miserable return to Bayern Munich, as he finds himself behind Klose and Toni in the pecking order. Although he’s done well for his country, his domestic strike rate at Bayern has been pretty poor. I’m not convinced about him yet despite the big name. It will be interesting to see what happens with Darren Bent I guess.

  • David Villa – another Euro 2008 star, and one that we’ve been linked with previously. Other than the Portuguese winker, I think he’s Europe’s hottest property… so yes please, but no way can I see it happening (in a million years). As much as I love our club, I can’t see how he’d choose Spurs over the pick of all of Europe’s leading clubs and Chelski.
As for those players linked with moves away from WHL, the press have focused on four in the last 24 hours:
  • Younes Kaboul – despite shelling out big money for him last summer, the Frenchman hasn’t yet settled at Tottenham. Although he has potential, his public criticism of Ramos has surely damaged any hopes of staying at the club. We all know Pompey want him and I think they’ll pick him up for a bargain £2-3 million.

  • Michael Dawson – OK so he’s had one indifferent season, but it doesn’t mean Ramos needs to off-load him. Alas, I don’t think Juande listens to me, and unfortunately I feel Daws could be heading to Newcastle for £4 million. If he does go there, I have a feeling he could turn out to be Keegan’s best ever signing. Personally I’d keep Daws at WHL to provide cover for Ledders and Woody. We might have a long list of centre-backs at the club, but other than those two (who are both injury prone), Daws is streets ahead of the rest.

  • Aaron Lennon – for the last few years he’s been a star with bags of potential, but he hasn’t improved a great deal recently and it seems that Ramos doesn’t have much time for him. Personally, I think he’ll help his own career by moving on to a new challenge, and it sounds like Newcastle could be the recipients of his talent. They might end up taking our ‘rejects’ but what a double swoop it would be for KK.

  • Darren Bent – so Sunderland and Everton are battling it out for his signature… if we do actually sell him. I think Bent has been unlucky as he hasn’t yet had the chances to prove himself at the Lane. It's no surprise that when you’re behind Berba and Keano your first team chances will obviously be limited. If Ramos brings in a huge name with a proven pedigree as an out and out goal-scorer to replace Berba, then Bent will want to move on… but until we know what’s happening on that front, I think Bent should sit tight and see. Although fans want to see big signings, it might not be the end of the world to see Bent and Keane start as a regular pairing next season. With the impending exit of Berba and the improvements we’re making to the midfield, maybe Bent’s time is just coming.
Well you’ve heard my take on recent news… what do you think?


Anonymous said...

At last, someone talking sense. I agree with most of what is said here, but I still have a sneaky feeling that Berbs will stay. Here's hoping.

Paul said...

I wouldnt touch Bentley or gomes. Gomes pulls off some great saves but makes big mistakes. Robbo makes great saves and makes errors. Why do people see not coming out of missing catches as poor but excentic mistakes are ok.
Bentley is just an over hyped piece of crap.
The only one on here i want is Capel, a left footed left winger with pace, crossing ability and scores goals

N7teen said...

Paul - you wouldn't want David Villa as well???

Greekos said...

I dont really know about Gomes so i wont comment cos ive only seen him in the 2 UEFA cup games last season and he was impressive then but they were just 2 games. I hope we get a deal 4 Capel tied up pretty soon cos he would b quality. There are only 2 things that i disagree with. I think Ramos wants 2 keep hold of Lennon 4 a little while longer as he is only 20/21 so would b reluctant to let him go. Also i think we stand a better chance of signing Villa than u give the club credit 4. They pulled of Luka Modric who was bein courted by bigger clubs than us. Also i dont hear anythin that any1 else has lodged an actual bid. We are the only club that has been linked that has put their money where their mouth is. U never know we might b the only 1s 2 make a firm bid! Altho Villa is a longshot all that has 2 count 4 somethin.

harold said...

why do we want capel when we've just got Dos Santos? I assume the plan is to play Dos Santos attacking midfield left? I assume this because it would be ludicurious to play him as the striker (too small, not enough goals) and he has definitely not come to be a bench warmer. Thus he fills the attacking left position.

I agree with you on the fee assessment for Bentley. I really think he would be great. Fantastic crosser, beats players and scores goals. I would imagine he sometimes goes missing, so keeping marlbranque essential.

Really think Tottenham need a CB in the Vidic-Dunne mould. Somebody physical to complement woodgate's class. Also think a midfield engine man is needed. I believe missing out on Makoun was a loss.

Obviously if we lose Berbatov there will be some massive shoes to fill.

Gomes looks like a great shot stopper and close to a good all-rounder. Though what we were really lacking last seaon was somebody commanding in the box. Somebody who could come-out and claim catches. So many long balls were played in and for that wwe suffered. On the plus side Gomes is extremely athletic and mobile... a bit like Robinson(?).

Anonymous said...

villa for 28 000000

MickeySpurs said...

Ask any PSV fan and majority of them love Gomes. The guy is athletic and pulls of match winning saves. Remember the save he pulled off against Steed in the last minute? Ok he may be a bit eccentric, but that has never really been a hindrance for many keepers.

I think he will become a fans favourite in no time.

Anonymous said...

I would be very worried if we signed Gomes, from what I have seen of him he is definately an accident waiting to happen.

I know nothing about Viviano - I would prefer to see an established commanding keeper come in.

I think with a settled back four Robbo could do a good job, his problem over the last couple of years is that, yes he has made some highlighted blunders, but more significantly the preferred back four has not played consistently together.

I think a clear out of Chimbonda, Lee, Kaboul, Stalteri, Rocha, Gardner Ghaly and Tainio is a given.

The encouraging thing is we seem to have a manager who can actually see that there are a number of players in the squad who clearly aren't good enough.

I would like to see KPB go as well as i think he has shown absolutely nothing, he gives stupid fouls away, messes around with the ball and is a waste of time.

Taarabt needs to be sent on loan and taught that he is not the only person in the team and that it is good to pass to someone in the same colour shirt - he does have loads of feints, dummies etc but needs to understand where and when to do all the tricks.

Lennon, has not progressed, he had a very good first season but has since gone backwards, he very rarely takes people on now and his crossing has not improved. if anything he will be an impact player from the bench.

Jamie O'Hara i think is very over rated, he plays with his head down and always turns into trouble, he gives the ball away a lot as well.

Huddlestone, has improved this season, there is no doubting he is a wonderful passer of a ball and he has got himself a lot fitter. He does tend to play three great passes and then has a spate of giving the ball away. I would like to see him stay and believe under the guidance of Ramos he could turn into a very good player.

Darren Bent i never felt was hungry enough when he played, he seemed lazy and lethargic, he did perk up a bit towards the end of the season. I am unconvinced and would be quite happy to take £10m and look to find a better striker - some one in the mould of Santa Cruz.

We still need a ball winner in the middle of the pitch and another Centre Half. With question marks over Kings fitness and in honesty although Woddy stayed fit he does have history. Daws is a 100 percenter but makes silly decisions and is a bit of a loose cannon. I think Steven Taylor at Newcastle is a good strong player, with question marks over his contract situ he could be a good signing. Avoid Anton Ferdinand big time.

viren naik said...

ok! if that is the case then the team to face Middlesborough will be
A dream team by anyones standards

Anonymous said...

Praise be to the deity of your choice, finally someone with a touch of reality in their brain, well don sir!

I think it would be the coup of the century if we landed Villa, id like to see what Bent can do with good service, remember he scored well at his old club and in the final few games where he got a run for us he tore it up. As for Bentley and Capel bring em on, i love Lennon but i want to see someone nail a cross consistently. Plus if we hang onto Malbronque then we'd be sound as a pound?

Im leaning toward the possibility of Berbs staying on, especially if we continue to sign strong talent.
Either way, well done sir, fine article....

David said...

I agree with the reservations about Gomes not inspiring confidence. The onl keeper who has been occaisonally linked but who is also amazing is Boruc from Celtic.
He has been in great form for ages, long before Poland's back four were exposed as toilet in the Euros.
He is commanding, takes crosses, is possibly a better shot stopper than Gomes... and will cost about the same.
He'd be my buy if the 'Tic will sell him that is.

Anonymous said...

Do any of you know anything about football???
Bentley is one hell of a quality player, he is everything lemmon isn't, well he hasn't got the pace but he CAN cross he CAN beat a player and he CAN score, as for a keeper who said robbo makes good saves? remember ar5ena1 goals 3 of them outside the box, remember brums 3rd goal outside the box he is easily beaten from distance and he is a bottle job who can't punch, catch, or save long ranges all he can do is punt the ball 150 yards and play the wimbledon way. SPURS play football on the floor not hoof the ball

Anonymous said...

I think mark schwarzer would be a gd signing for keeper only cost a small amount of money and relatively sound

Anonymous said...

Bale King Woody Hutton
Modric Jenas (Other)
Santos Keane Bentley

Gerald said...

I don't mean to be rude but the two prospective teams out up so far are ridiculous.

1) Gomez, Bale, Woodgate, King, Hutton, Santos, Modric, Keane, Lennon, Berbatov,

Is Keane playing in centre midfield? If he is playing behind the strikers you are asking quite a lot from Modric. Doing ALL of the defensive duties for the midfield. This of the team who conceded more goals than any other reasonable team in the premiership last season.

Bale King Woody Hutton
Modric Jenas (Other)
Santos Keane Bentley

Have spurs been granted an additional player on the team for next season.

This team would pretty much be the best we could hope for:


Hutton Woody Dunne Bale

Modric Diarra

Bentley Santos

Keane Berbatov

Gareth said...

Gomes - Big guy with great shot stopping ability, 60% clean sheet ratio last season. How on earth can he be a risk with what we currently have???

Bentley - Young, creative, a great final ball and a spurs fan. What more do we need. The only problem here is being English he is priced at least 5 million more than he should!

We should sell Lennon and Bent but only if we can raise 18-20 million for the pair.

Keep Dawson as he will improve his positioning, he has a huge heart and loves playing in the shirt.

Let's try Kaboul in his french U-21
position of DCM. He could prove to be a strong ball winner with a nice touch and pass with both feet.

Anonymous said...

the Kaboul DCM comment is a great shout. Though he has made errors at CB, he would be able to show his class at DCM. Its a position we need to fill. We need someone strong and mobile. Really dissappointed that he may be going. 2mil - if Harry gets that I would be really ticked off. It would be a complete steal. We paid 8 mil for this guy, surely give him a chance. At the beginning of the season he looked real class. A player who wasn't afriad to pick a pass, bring the ball down and play a bit of football. Unfortunately, we don't play that way in England.

Anonymous said...

Why does everyone think Taino is a bad player?? KEEP HIM. For a back up player in midfeild, he is of a very good standard and always works hard. I couldn't say this about Zokora.

Anonymous said...

If we are going to pay silly money for a keeper then lets bid for Boruk at Celtic, he is pure class.

midfield we should concentrate on someone like Poulsen from seville or Diarra at pompey(using Kaboul as bait, chuck em Tarrabat for the season on loan to) if our midfield put pressure on teams attacking us, our deffense wouldn't be to bad.
obviously Diego Capel on the left would be good, lennon will go as Capel and dos santos will play the wings.

Villa is to much like Keane, so we should give him a miss with the costs involved, also why come to to us, no champions league and finished 11th last time out.
Santa cruz or Podolski would be a decent signing, keep bent as he showed a lot more hunger tward the end of the season, look how well Defoe is doing at Pompey just because he plays, and we let him go for £7m we were proper mugged but needed Woodgate more so...

Anonymous said...

Agree with Anonymous 16.40....Taino should not be sold....great squad player....Ramos even asked him to fill in at right back for one game......a position he had never played and he was fantastic.

Always been a Spurs fan and plays for the shirt....why get rid of a loyal squad player for someone who just sits around for his wages?....hope he stays!

Anonymous said...

i like the way that most of the teams posted includes berba. sry guys, but hes a gonna. why wud we be searching the sea for 2 top notch strikers wen we have 3 (if u include bent) unless 2 are leaving!? bye bye to bent a berba im affraid. Team:-


Hutton Woody Dunne Bale

Modric Jenas

Bentley Santos

Keane Villa(i hope)/ podolski (probable)

Anonymous said...

RE: Players leaving.

Well if we are to believe the press the following have all been linked with moving on:

Bent, Berbatov, Lennon, Huddlestone, Ghaly, Boatang, Chimbonda, Gardner, Kaboul, Robinson, Taarabt, Young-pyo, Stalteri, Tainio, Rocha

Whilst from what I have seen none of these names have come up:

Malbranque, Bale, Hutton, Keane, Zokora, Jenas, King, Woodgate, Ohara, Gilberto, Assou-ekotto, Gunter

So are the players on the second list safe? Obviusly the January signings are safe, so too I reckon are Steed, King, Ohara and Jenas, and most likely Zokora not sure about Assou-Ekotto.

Of the players linked with leaving I really hope we hang onto Bent, Berba, Lennon, and Huddlestone and probably Tainio too. Not sure how I feel about GK situation, I really like Robbo and can't believe a talent such as he had has totally gone, but Ramos is a better judge than me so in him I trust.


Anonymous said...

My team formation whould be a floating 4-3-3 which can revert to 4-4-2 or a 4-5-1 depending on the opposision.

Hutton King Woodgate Bale
Jenas - Keane - Modric
Bently - Berbatov - Capel


Gilberto - Dawson - CB - Gunter
Zokora - Malbranque - Huddlestone
Lennon - bent - Dos Santos

Squad Players:
Tainio, Ohara, Assou-Ekkotto,Kaboul, Dervitte, Perkhart.

It would be the job of Modric and Jenas to play as box-to-box players helping in defense and then supporting the counter attacks. The secondstring is more defensive with Hudds and Zokora but they whould not really play together merely fill in if we needed additional defensive cover.

Keano would sit deeper supplying the wide players Bently, Capel, Lennon etc and berbatov.

What do you reckon?


Anonymous said...

4-4-2 Diamond
Hutton King Woody Bale
Bentley/1 Podolski
| Modric |
Keane | Berba/Replacement

I reckon Jenas could play the makelele role
he is Fast, good tackler and not scared to go forward, and he could adapt to coming back also he can Pass/and has through ball vision
interesting we should have around 27m from berbatov
to buy a striker or left winger where podolski can play striker, someone in the likes of Arshavin or Capel plz..not but we have been heavily linked..

1= possible replacement that i would rather get than bentley= Mikel Arteta, but we havent bben linked with him... so not really likely

2=if we played normal 4-4-2 i would replace hudddlestone with possible want away moutinho , who we have been linked with one or twice but not strongly

jonnybravo said...

Is anyone else concerned. Not about the quality of the players we have bought and are linked with, but the size. Yeah the size. Modric, Dos Santos are tiny, Villa, if he comes, is tiny, and Capel/Podolski are not big men. Ok I know not a problem unless you a frontman, but surely if Villa came we would be back to the Defoe/Keane nightmare. And if Bent and Berbatov go, any winger, Bentley or not, is gonna be wasting his time pinging balls into the box for a bunch of 5 foot somethings. That midfield STILL needs a strong ball winner. we still haven't bought one. And everyone drooling at the prospect of Modric and Dos Santos playing together clearly hasn't watched much premiership football lately. They will get flattened. Hate to say it but the weak areas, left wing, centre back and ball winning midfielder HAVE NOT been addressed. This will be a big season for Senor Ramos, I am not sure the signings are the ones we need.

Swede said...

Harold, u're wrong.. Dos Santos prefer to play at right wing and break into the box and shoot with his left foot.. Thats why he left, he cant compete with messi...

JigYid said...

Please please please dont let us waste £15million plus on that over hyped ex gooner, if i remember rightly it was him who came up with the "new dave beckham" tag in a newspaper interview..... twat

Anonymous said...

Good keepers tend to be nutters. Gomes is no different. I think he's an excellent keeper, from the little I've seen. All goalies make mistakes at times but Robbo was at it twice per patch and more sometimes last season. I'll take him!

Villa, yes please, but agree, not happening.

Capel, yes please! GDS can play in the hole, AMR and AML, so no problem there - in fact I only ever saw him on the right at Barca! Steed is the best versatile midfielder we have (with the exception of Modric) and will be a very important squad player next season regardless who comes in.

All Bentley doubters clearly didn't see Blackburn play too many games last season. The boy is excellent. Yes he goes missing at times, but normally plays with great passion and energy and offers at least twice the end product (if not much more) than we've been getting from Lennon - worth twice the money??? You better believe he is!

Podolski, very unconvinced so far, but he has looked excellent this tournament. I don't think he'll want to leave with Jurgen coming in. He gave him his big chance for Germany and will likely take him seriously at club level too.

Daws out? I think it's one we could regret admitedly. I definitly want to see better CBs signed before he goes.

Lennon out? Looks likely imo, although I'd like him to hang around a season, pull lots of extra training to improve his game and really compete with GDS and Capel for a start come the end of the season. Falling down the order could be the best thing to happen to him. Still young with some awesome pace and decent skill. His main weaknesses (crossing and shooting) can be improved. What he has naturally cannot be trained or taught. I hope he stays.

Bent - Definitly a good player who will prove his worth if Berba goes imo. He's had approximately 1600 minutes (roughly 18 games equivalent) so far and scored 8 goals. I don't think that's as disappointing as the idiotic journalists calling him a flop seem to think it is!

Anonymous said...

like the thought of gomes bently capel and villa (if berbs is going but would prefer) also would like to see ryan nelson also come with bently from Bburn good solid cover for woody and king so heres my team for 08-09

hutton woody king bale
bently modric capel
keano berbs (villa)

Anonymous said...

I hope we keep those 4 players especially Bent. Look at his goals to game record. You don't become rubbish overnight. Captain of French u21- cannot be too bad either. Get rid of the obvious ones - Gardner, Stalteri, Tainio etc.

Anonymous said...

Keane-Berbatov(or Villa if he leaves)


Dos Santos





Harold said...

Swede. I definitely appreciate that - I've only seen Dos Santos a few times on Sky Sport and you Tube. He had a left-foot, I assumed AML.

But if he plays AMR why on earth are we linked with Bentley? And does this already mean that lennon has found a replacement? What role is dos Santos playing?

I guess you never really know with Ramos. He's probably going to be our new DMC.

Anonymous said...

Bently is overated i agree...can deliver a good ball butoften just gives it away...would be a terrible signin as he doesnt fit our style of player....overated coz england are lookin for the next becham...wenger didnt want him...this is four a reason as he plays football wrong, which kick it hard anywhere...a good team passes and moves he cant do it

Lennon is a very gifted player just needs to be shown confidence

Anonymous said...

i met michael dawsons mum last night she said the going to newcastle thing was' paper talk' as they sayI don't think he's going anywhere.