Thursday, March 05, 2009

Are things on the up?

Last season’s trip to Wembley signalled the beginning of the end for our previous management team. After our cup final victory over Chelsea we managed just three wins and a measly 15 points from our remaining 12 matches of the season and it obviously wasn’t long before we said, “Adiós,” to Senor Ramos and co.

A similarly miserable finish to this season and we could be staring relegation in the face. Now I for one don’t think that’s going to happen and after last night’s result we’re a little closer to surviving. In fact, following our 4-0 rout Lennon told the Evening Standard that, “Someone said after the game that we weren't far off seventh and it would be unbelievable if we could get that, especially after the start to the season when we had two points from eight games.” It would indeed be unbelievable and we should calm that sort of talk before we set ourselves up for another disappointment. As a reminder, we were probably thinking the same thing after we hammered West Ham 4-0 last March. We ended 2007-08 in eleventh place and a similar finish wouldn’t surprise me this season. Anything more than that and we're kidding ourselves.

The key point that Lennon made though is that we are playing better than we have done for a while. We weren’t amazing last night; we were just up against an extremely poor defence that made us look good. But individually, our boys did well. And on Sunday it was not just a number of good individual performances but a resolute team showing too. Manchester United may have been missing a few of their stars, but so were we (although that wasn’t our choice). I thought we played well, deserved to win the game and should reflect on it with pride. Let’s not forget that for the second time this season the reigning Premier League and Champions League holders failed to break us down.

I still can’t figure out whether things are on the up or not at Spurs as we seem to have been pretty inconsistent since Harry’s honeymoon ended. But after the last two games I feel more optimistic than I have done for three or four months. We have exciting players like Modric and Lennon (the latter who is playing the best we’ve ever seen him), an improving defence, and some new talent like Palacios to add some bite to our midfield. Perhaps this season’s trip to Wembley is also a turning point, but unlike like last year this time it’s the start of a more positive era.

Harry now needs to ensure we survive this season, have a productive summer in the transfer market (as he did do in the January window) and then start next season much better than his two predecessors. If he can do that who knows, maybe we can have another cup run next season or a decent push for European qualification (assuming Harry actually wants to play in Europe again). For the first time in ages, I actually think the answer might be, in the words of the new US president, “Yes we can!”


Benjamin said...

It's all quite good right now at Spurs, but I have one complaint to Harry; why oh why doesn't he play giovani dos santos ?. The kid's a genious. He was ordinary at Barca and have so much talent. It would be such a waste to let him leave because he don't get to play.

Anonymous said...

Do you reckon when Defoe's fit he'll play alongside Keane? Can't see it myself unless we start playing some sweet footy, keeping the ball on the floor. Can we play Pav and Defoe up front with Keane in the hole? Modric on the Left, Lennon on the right and Wilson mopping up in front of the defence? It's a very attacking line-up. The trouble is, if Mr Levy goes and gives Harry another blank cheque book in the summer we'll start next season with a whole bunch of new faces, most of whom probably won't be able to speak English and we'll make a similar start to this season. Continuity and stablility is the key. Let's get this bunch firing on all cylinders. we know they can.

N7teen said...

Ramos and BMJ both got fired in the month of October. Hopefully Harry remembers that and doesn't do anything too drastic this summer! The layers we have aren't bad - he just needs to figure out how they play together (with perhaps just one or two additions).

N7teen said...

I can't see Defoe and Keano playing together, but would be loved to be proved wrong. I'm from the old school of playing a target man alongside a guy who can drop off.