Monday, March 16, 2009

No-one is ever going to be as good as I was

It's been a tough few months on and off the pitch for Spurs, but things are definitely looking up. Yesterday's win at Villa Park was arguably the best result of our season so far, and although we're not out of the relegation dogfight just yet, we are the highest we've been all season. And mathematically we're now closer to European qualification than relegation, although that's not a debate for right now.

Today's Spurs related news is something far more important than one result, however good that was. Former Tottenham legend, and a player who is regularly mentioned in this blog, is back in the news but in a more positive light than when we last saw him. Paul Gascoigne has given an exclusive interview to Sky News (shown below) in which he talks about some of the struggles of the last few years.


I don't intend to repeat all of the horror stories here, but the video (and elsewhere on the web) goes into plenty of detail. The important thing is that Gazza is getting better. He may have been through rehab countless times, but this time I sense something is different. That's easy for me to say from afar, but I'm really hopeful this time. It strikes me that he is more settled in a place he feels comfortable, with the family members that really care for him. The last time he was on TV, which was that horrific documentary about Sheryl and the kids, left me thinking Gazza might not be alive by his next birthday.

But all that has changed... my three favourite bits from the interview are:

  • Gazza pretending to be Peter Beardsley whilst playing football on the beach.
  • His Dad stating that Gazza's best goal was the free-kick against Arsenal in 1991.
  • And Gazza's tongue in cheek comment that no-one will ever be as good as he was at football!
Brilliant. Well done Sky News for a positive news story about a living legend and my all-time hero...


Jon said...

Do you feel that the reporter interviewing him seemed relatively condescending?

N7teen said...

Yep she did get on my wick, but the fact is he's on the road to recovery and hopefully we'll see or hear more things from him in the near future (with better interviewers)

jonnylookout said...

I'd still put him on the left wing today!! Absolute legend, can't remember feeling so excited about a player getting on the ball. The pub would always go quiet. Shame he is surrounded by so many destructive, manipulative forces. He's a simple lad at heart. Think the NE is where he will recover with his people. Hope he gets left alone and does an appearance at WHL someday soon.

Mark Tilley said...


I've just recently started my own Tottenham blog (yet another one, I know!) at

I was wondering if you would kindly add it to your list of links if you think its any good? I've linked your site and others that I read regularly and enjoy on my own blog roll. Many thanks. Keep up the good work.