Monday, April 20, 2009

Hangovers and pitches

The best thing about yesterday was that when I took my seat in the East Stand the sun wasn’t in my eyes. No this isn’t another rant about a poor Spurs performance, because I was reasonably impressed with yesterday – especially all the pretty, deft, dare I say, sexy, one-two’s we witnessed in the first half.

No the reason for my joy was the pain I was suffering in my head. And in every muscle of my body for that matter. My Saturday night involved far too much alcohol, my Sunday morning was almost non-existent, and as the game kicked off yesterday I was pleased to realise that the time of year and time of day meant I had another hour before the sun would be staring me in the face and the alcohol would start to sweat out of every pore.

Whilst I was in this uncomfortable state before we kicked off against the Bar Codes, I was mesmerised by the pitch. We’re into the latter half of April and it still looks so green and full of life. With a brain only functioning at 50% of its capacity, I sat there transfixed with this superb ‘carpet’ in front of me. No-one ever seems to thank groundsmen, only criticise them, so I’d just like to thank the team at WHL who have done an impressive job this year… and not for the first time I should add.

So after overcoming the biggest team in next season’s Championship I ventured home to catch the end of the Everton-ManUre semi-final. Boy did the pitch look crap! And then this morning I see that both Wenger and Fergie have somewhat of a hangover themselves… it was “a disaster”, “laughable”, “really embarrassing”, “spongy and dead”, “poor playing surface”, etc. Need I go on?

Whatever, they’re just bad losers. I’m glad ManUre lost yesterday because they didn’t deserve to go through with the team they put out. On the subject of ManUre and the new Wembley Stadium, it might be interesting to note that Fergie’s team have now managed just a solitary goal in their five appearances there (Giggs scored in the 2007 Community Shield). And the fact that Berba missed a penalty crucial penalty? Well, there is some justice in this world it would seem.

Wembley’s pitch might not be up to scratch, but the FA is taking measures to address the issue. The fact that two managers are using it as an excuse after two poor semi finals is simply a way of deflecting blame from their own short-comings. But if anyone is truly worried about the state of the Wembley pitch, maybe they should seek the advice of the Tottenham grounds-staff.


Tottinghams said...

Agreed. The groundsmen have actually won awards for it I think. Anyone else know about it?

Anonymous said...

Yes i think spurs groundsman won the award for best pitch in 07/08 season. He also sais that he had a chat with wenger and he asked him his secret but he would not give it to him.

Anonymous said...

i was of a similar mind (& i sit in the shelf lower - the shaded part!) and i also noticed that the pitch had an almonst luminescent quality to it on sunday.

Who Framed Ruel Fox? said...


This is really good stuff. A great read. If you don't mind I've put a link on my page.

I run the Who Framed Ruel Fox? blog at OleOle. Have a look if you get a chance.

All the best,

InsideN17 said...

Good read. Always been delighted with the way our pitch has been laid out each week, better than alot of the scum down south anyway